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Summers & Company was formed as a partnership in 1979 and has provided a professional independent Insurance Broking Service since that time.

As a 3 generation family insurance brokers, we specialise in all types of insurance; corporate, business, charity and personal. Casting light on jargon and terms and conditions, to help you understand your insurance policy, the cover you need and the factors that make a good insurance quote a brilliant one.

We are the professional ‘insurance broker near me’ for clients UK-wide, providing a warm welcome when you call us, meet, drop in or email. Our clients appreciate that they can deal with an actual person, whilst receiving bespoke, personalised insurance service.

An Apology!
Having been independent Insurance Brokers since 1979 we feel that a sincere apology is now appropriate for the following:-

We are so sorry that – You cannot speak to a foreign country when you call us for your insurance quotation, query or advice

We are devastated that – We can’t make you press 1,4,7,3,6 on your telephone in order to speak to someone who probably can’t help you anyway

We are distressed that – When visiting us you can usually park within a few yards of the Office

We are disappointed that – Our premiums tend to be much lower than those offered by insurers and others who spend millions advertising their cheapness

It is deeply regretted that – We prefer to spend time establishing your precise requirements before making our suggestion for the cover required at the appropriate price

We confess that – We are available by phone, email, virtually and personal visit, five days a week

If you can possibly forgive us for these appalling shortcomings, we should be very happy to hear from you and shall do our best not to disappoint.

“Perlege Verba!”

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