Nortech Partners Limited

Manufacturer of jump and skipping ropes.

Nortech Skipping Ropes – Nortech Jump Ropes Thats us, thats nortech. Pure & simple. They’re why we get up in the morning! Its all we do – make skipping ropes that is… hand made in the UK. Since 1988.Fact is, we’re experts, jump rope boffins, skipping rope specialists, why? Because we do actually make em, we’re at it all the time, making, packing, supplying. Skipping ropes, jump ropes, skip ropes, speed ropes, trick ropes, beaded ropes, double-dutch ropes. Yep, every style, every length, every colour, sold throughout the UK, in Europe & around the world. So whatever type of skipping rope or jump rope you want let us help you out. Need a special colour? Special length? Skipping rope with a message? Thick, thin, hard, soft, bright, dark? Give us a call. See what we can do. We supply jump ropes & skipping ropes to schools, sports partnerships, LEA’s, health, sports & fitness clubs. We manufacture skipping ropes for a large number of sports brands & companies under their own brand in various types of POS packaging. We supply various National Heart Foundations [Jump Rope 4 Heart program] across the world. Our ropes really do last & last, no if’s or but’s, made only from top quality polymer materials to produce the finest skipping ropes on the planet, jump ropes of distinction, tried & tested over 21 years of use. Durable, resilient, flexible, yet tough. They really do last & last.

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