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Zero Waste Groceries

Zero waste shopping is about getting rid of single use packaging, especially plastics, from the process of buying everyday food and groceries.

We stock a large range of high quality food, drinks and household items such as cleaning products and toiletries that are either sold to you loose for you to fill your own container with, or in packaging that is reusable or at the very least, compostable or biodegradable.

We provide options that are locally sourced, organic, vegan and are always cruelty-free and ethically produced.We look for suppliers which operate a ‘closed loop’ system, taking back the containers used to refill our dispensers, so that at every stage of the process waste is minimised.Refillable also means more fun than ordinary supermarket shopping.

Make your own peanut butter, grind your own coffee, fill an oat mylk bottle PLUS you only need buy as much as you want – perfect if you are trying a new recipe and don’t want to buy and potentially waste a whole packet of some new ingredient.

How it works
Bring in any clean container* you like and place it on the scales
Weigh and stick a barcode label to the container
Fill with your chosen product
Scan the barcode and reweigh your filled container selcting the product from the touch screen
Come to the till and pay.

10 East Street
BH21 1DS


  • A great range of quality bulk organic products, plus other plastic-free products. The best thing is their great initiative to collect glass containers in shop in case anyone forget to bring their own containers. Denisse and Abigail are so lovely and helpful.