Move Beyond

Pilates therapy

Do you have pain, tension, stiffness? Are you noticing reduced mobility and strength?

My name is Kaye and at Move Beyond, I am passionate about helping you rediscover your zest for life. I use Pilates Therapy, advanced NeuroKinetic Therapy®, Restore Your Core® exercises and restorative movement therapy to help you rediscover ease of movement, reduce pain and tension and help you live your life to the full.

If you have core and pelvic floor concerns, back, shoulder, hip or neck pain, reduced mobility, past injuries or joints that feel stiffer than they used to be, reach out for a chat to see what can be done to help you. I also work with balance and visual challenges helping you find greater stability in your body.

Your body is your greatest asset and you can find healing at any stage in life. Contact me for a no-obligation chat and start your health journey back to a happier YOU.

Take control back. Move better. Move Beyond.

21 Onslow Gardens
BH21 2QG


  • I have been treated with consideration and feel valued as an individual.

  • I am a 60+ year old woman and have been a client of Kaye for over 3 years. During this time I have attended a variety of class formats, 1 to 1, small in person classes, lockdown small zoom classes & now pre recorded U tube classes. The overriding feature of all formats has been Kaye’s detailed knowledge of each clients particular physical requirements from a class, providing personalised ‘tweaks’ to exercises to gain maximum benefit without exacerbating underlying health issues. Today 3 years after attending my first class I am healthier, more flexible and far more knowledgeable about my own body. Kaye’s knowledge of anatomy & body movement is astounding, combined with her compassion and genuine interest in her clients make classes a pleasant but very effective form of exercise.