Move Beyond

Pilates, core and pelvic floor rehabilitation and movement therapy

Do you have pain, tension, stiffness? Are you noticing reduced mobility and strength?

Do you have a sense of your core being weak? Or perhaps the pelvic floor does not seem as strong and supportive as it used to be?

My name is Kaye and at Move Beyond, I am passionate about helping you rebuilding your core strength, recovering your mobility and rediscovering your zest for life. I use Pilates Therapy, advanced NeuroKinetic Therapy®, Restore Your Core® exercises and restorative movement therapy to help you rediscover ease of movement, reduce pain and tension and help you live your life to the full.

I work with people to help them rehabilitate their core and pelvic floor function using many techniques that also include Hypopressives, an exercise and breathing practice helping to counter the symptoms of prolapse, incontinence, core weakness.

If you have core and pelvic floor concerns, back, shoulder, hip or neck pain, reduced mobility, past injuries or joints that feel stiffer than they used to be, reach out for a chat to see what can be done to help you. I also work with balance and visual challenges helping you find greater stability in your body.

Your body is your greatest asset and you can find healing at any stage in life. Contact me for a no-obligation chat and start your health journey back to a happier YOU.

Take control back. Move better. Move Beyond.


  • I started having Pilates sessions with Kaye 18 months ago, firstly on a one to one basis, because I suffer with several issues, affecting a lot of different areas of my body. ​ Through Kaye’s extensive level of knowledge, l have learnt that if one area of the body isn’t working as it should, other muscles compensate and it has a knock on affect throughout the body. ​ Kaye put together a personal package of exercises to help me build my strength, and when I felt ready I then chose to join one of her small classes. Even within the class situation, Kaye is still able to offer a personal experience to everyone’s individual needs. ​ I am so glad I started lessons with Kaye and cannot thank her enough for the help she has given me, and continues to give. I realise how important it is to keep myself moving for not only now, but also my future. ​ Kaye has not only helped me build my physical strength, but my mental strength, because I have so much more understanding of my body!

    Julie C.

  • I cannot recommend Kaye's Move Beyond Pilates Highly enough!! It has done so much good for my body and I really notice when I have to miss a session as I am no longer in balance when I don't do Kaye's exercises. The online classes feel like a lovely tuneup for my body every week - a little bit like a boiler service 😆 and I feel like this will pay dividends as I get older. Kaye is so wonderfully knowledgeable about the body and all your bones and muscles and how everything fits together and ties in - how a pain in your arm can relate to a muscle connected to your shoulder or further down your back or neck. With the individual and personal attention you get in such small class sizes you feel in very safe hands. As well as the physical exercises I love all of the breathing work and rib cage mobility education. Kaye is also just a lovely person to be around and if you're feeling a bit low you will feel a lovely positive energy upon speaking with her and ready to take on anything. I'm so pleased I found you Kaye!

    Sally U.

  • I'm working out with Kaye Woodgate in her Move Beyond pilates class each week. She focuses on increasing our mobility which in turn is strengthening our muscles. Each week we have some different exercises along with more familiar ones so it is always interesting. Kaye never minds going back over something we haven't quite grasped. She is particularly skilled in the area of rehabilitation of people with any kind of injury. I recommend this lady highly and she also does one to one classes

    Chris P.