Chris Finn Coaching

Helping individuals and business to be at their best.

Hi, I’m Chris Finn,

I’m a performance coach for ambitious people who want more for themselves and their life.

I’ve trained as a coach under some of the best coaches in the world.

Prior to that I was a senior psychology lecturer, where I developed my grounding in truly understanding what makes people tick.

In my previous career, I was promoted to Assistant Vice President in a FTSE100 company within 7 years.

All this experience combines to make me an expert in human behaviour.

I understand the difference that makes a difference, and can help get the best out of your life, your work and yourself.


  • With his extensive background in coaching and psychology, Chris was the perfect person for me to work with when it came to unlocking the things that held me back in business and in life. With those things out of the way quickly we are now able to focus on achieving goals and living a happy life as part of our 1:1 coaching sessions. Highly recommended!

  • I recently attended one of Chris's two-day immersive coaching workshops. He's a very engaging presenter and he makes some really rather profound concepts very accessible. It was great to take some time out of my regular routine to think a bit more deeply about "how life works" and I had a number of insights that are having a positive effect on home and working life. I really felt like I was in a safe pair of hands and I genuinely enjoyed the sessions.

  • I found Chris to be very helpful in addressing the topic “from problems to opportunities”. Chris was friendly and approachable, whilst being precise with his reasoning and firm in adhering to the session rules and boundaries. I leart a great deal from my coaching opportunity and have no hesitation in recommending Chris, to anyone who may be open to changing their mindset in certain areas.