Seven “new” books for the Chained Library

Seven “new” books for the Chained Library dating from 1582

Canon Andrew Rowland, Rector of Wimborne Minster, presented seven books to the Chained Library during the Parish Communion service on Sunday 3rd December.

These included two historic bibles, a Geneva Bible dated 1582 and a King James Bible dated 1648, which had been given to Canon Rowland in trust from the late Mr Cyril Beecher, who had in turn received them from Mr Theodore Veevers-Thompson, Catholic scholar and antiquarian. Also given were a John Brown Self-Interpreting Family Bible c1876, an 1866 copy of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (edited by Rev Bramley-Moore) and a facsimile copy of The English Hexapla from 1841.

Canon Rowland also presented an 1897 exposition of The Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England by E C Gibson and the Prayer Book, dated 1858, which was last used in the Priest’s stall at Holt Parish Church which, sadly, closed in 2020.

Mrs Judith Monds, Head Librarian, accepted the books on behalf of the Chained Library as a huge and invaluable contribution to the Library’s catalogue. The Library was founded in the Minster in 1686 and was a public reference library from 1695.

Canon Andrew said “I was given these books to preserve and treasure them as their original owners had. I can think of no finer place for their future than our Chained Library, under the stewardship of our volunteer custodians, where they will be displayed and looked after for future generations to come.”

These books will be in the Chained Library from the start of next season – from Monday 1st April 2024, Monday to Friday mornings and afternoons and the first Saturday morning in the month.

Mike & Jayne Twomey – Library Volunteers 4th December 202