When you transform your mindset, you transform your World.

We don’t realise it, but mindset is everything. The way that we look at everything from business, to money, to people is influence by the way that we look at it.

In other words, the thing, the situation, the person that you are looking at is not fixed, it appears to us as a direct result of how we are thinking about it.

This is why, that I’m often saying “when you transform your mindset, you transform your World.”

For example, the way that we look at our life and our business might be preventing us from seeing what’s possible for ourselves in the world. This is what we call limiting beliefs.

These are hard to spot for ourselves, and easy to spot in someone else. Like when someone has imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is the phrase given to someone that lacks confidence in their role or position. It refers to the feeling you have when you think you are faking it.

Imposter syndrome isn’t actually a syndrome. It’s a mindset. A mindset made up of self-doubt, anxiety, and a lack of confidence.

It’s common for new leaders, new professionals, new entrepreneurs, or new anything, to experience imposter syndrome, and it often fades in time. With time, comes experience, and therefore confidence.

Imposter syndrome feels uncomfortable. We are constantly on the lookout for things that might expose our incompetence. We are ‘faking it until we make it’.

One thing I’ve learnt and want to assure you of if you currently have imposter syndrome, is just how common it is.

And here’s the thing, we all want confidence.

But confidence comes after, not before.

Confidence comes after we take action. So, what we need is courage.

Courage to take the steps, give the presentation, apply for the position, or whatever it may be.

The confidence will catch up with you.

So how do you deal with things like imposter syndrome and master your mindset?

The key is to first recognise that the way of looking at yourself, or the situation is not fixed. That the way you are looking is only one possible way of looking at it.

This is why we have the ability to think differently about the same situation depending on our current mood state, and why people will give different opinions.

This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget that things can look very different to us from one day to the next.

Yet, what’s changed?

We can wake up one day and think our business isn’t going well, that we just haven’t got what it takes.

Then wake up the next, thinking ‘I’ve got this” and be full of ideas and inspiration that leads to action and results.

So when you master your mindset, you start noticing more possibilities and opportunities in business and in life.

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Chris Finn is a retired Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher and full-time coach in Dorset.